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Stipend ​Initiatives

We have created stipend initiatives to assist our participating members with the opportunity to get back into the working world and rebuild good work ethics. This initiative will help participants earn while they learn, earning income or helping them maximize their income to assist with their transition.

Our stipend initiative is not a hand-out it's a helping hand, giving participants a second chance to regain their independence.

To ensure stability, we have put steps in place for them to follow, to allow them to grow and move to a pace that will not force them to become overwhelmed with change, but allows them to not only move at a pace comfortable for them but also allows them to see their growth throughout the process.

Before a participating member can receive a stipend initiative, they must first participate in a min 30 days - max 90 days of volunteer training, in the stipend initiative of their choice. This process will give them the opportunity to rotate throughout the initiatives and pick what's best for them, allowing them to show consistency.

Participants will receive weekly progress reports and will receive a letter in writing between 30-90 days to fill a position of their choice, to begin receiving a stipend payment.

Participants will be able to use Therapy 4 The Soul as their employment reference. 

They will take the same steps as if they were looking for outside employment. Participating members will apply for the position they are interested in, complete an application, will be contacted for an interview, attend orientation, and be given a work schedule and a stipend payment calendar.

Participants will be required to participate in the stipend program for a minimum of one year, and continue until they find employment.                                                                                           

Once positions opened, they will be posted for participating members only.


Therapy Stipend Initiatives Positions

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Administrative  Assistant 

Cooks 4 Fun

Love 4 Kids Safe Have

Therapy ROYALTY Mentors

"ROYALTY" Unique Crafts Boutique, sales handcrafted and other items to add to your uniqu'e style.

We handcraft flower & candle arrangements, jewelry, clothing, shoes and so much more.

Our boutique serves the general public while being a forearm for Therapy 4 The Soul stipend initiative, so those that are going through transition can learn how to tap into their creative minds, learn great customer service skills, interact with other staff members and customers, take online orders, recreate handcrafted items learn how to build sales, budgets, inventory, stocking, cash handling, management, presenting new idea's and so much more.

Feel free to Purchase For The Purpose; take a sneak peek and shop at our boutique.

ROYALTY Uniqu'e Crafts & Events Stipend Initiatives

ROYALTY Uniqu'e Crafters

ROYALTY Uniqu'e Warehouse Manager

Donate ​

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Expecting Nothing In Return.

If you receive a donation flyer prior to making a donation, please inform

 us of the representative listed at the bottom of the flyer.

All Payments are safe and secure through PayPal.

Make sure you give us your email address and/ or mailing  address for your end of the year tax deduction. 

We appreciate your donation and support!

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Please Note: 

Our participating members and their privacy is our first priority, and they reserve the right to share what they choose or don't for the public to see.

If we have not served your shelter, or you are ready to begin your transition please contact is today!

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