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Bringing Back The Family Table

This initiative encompasses two other initiatives 

(1) Food 4 Thought (2) Sit At My Table

As simple as this may sound, sometimes our environment may hinder us from providing these things to our children, caused by the stress of our living situation, the things we don't have, or the lack of.

Therapy 4 The Soul / Safe Haven, takes the time to reinforce this because our children should never have to suffer because our circumstances are difficult at the time.

Food For Thought Thursdays- Our Signature Initiative, is a 12 session, every Thursday, once a week family dining, and bonding initiative. Built around bringing the family table back (No phone zone and No electronics).

We incorporate social and table etiquette, real-life issues, table talk, activities, games, and themes, geared at improving the "Family Table".

Food 4 Thought will also be used for reuniting families due to imprisonment, halfway houses, and prison re-entry programs.  

Upon completion of the program, At the end of their 12 sessions, participants will receive a complimentary candlelight dinner, along with a certificate of completion. 

Participants will have built or rebuilt a family foundation and an understanding of the family table, family bonding, and social etiquette. 

As a result, all will have developed a better understanding of household and family values, as they are taught that encouraging, discipline, and respect are an essential part of raising a self-confident and socially prepared child.

Parents will also share their own ideas on encouragement, discipline, and respect, but the most important part is that their thoughts are turned into positive actions and methods that will be used consistently across families and communities -- all while enjoying socially relaxed and fun activities. 

Participants will understand the value of family time, and how to enjoy that time without the use of money, using what they already have love, time, and attention (things most children lack) due to their living situations.

"Let's Enjoy some Food 4 Thought"

Sit at My Table Dinners

"Bringing Back The Family Table"

"Sit At My Table Dinner" is an ongoing initiative for individuals and families.

Focusing on bringing back the 

"Family Table", we serve and share a home cook meal, gathering together around the dinner table once a month for each group.

We incorporate social and table etiquette, table talk, music, dancing, games, and fun.

Participants will be able to sit and enjoy a 

"Royalty" Unique Events dining experience.

We set the scene by turning any room into a beautifully unique setting.

Participants will be seated and served.

We believe that by providing this experience, participants will feel the love, dignity,​ and experience something special while realizing the importance of the "family table". 

There's so much to discuss around the dinner table, and so much fun sharing a meal with love.

Even though times are hard, there is no feeling like breaking bread with love in our hearts, we make sure we give the same love we want to receive.

Our kids, youth, teens, young adults, and adult volunteers pull it all together. They are trained and taught how to set the scene properly, table, and social etiquette. 

We encourage and express to them just like life circumstances are sometimes difficult, that preparing for these events can also be difficult.

It takes working together, dedication, and having to work with what you have.

The beauty of it all is when we are able to put smiles on their faces and brighten their day, while they are going through their difficult season.

Sharing a little love can give hope, to those that feel hopeless, that the light will shine again and the season is only temporary.

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