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We currently offer ten initiatives designed to help participating members begin their transition and push them to continue as time moves forward. 

The initiative's purpose will assist participants with their transition and provide some monetary assistance.

  • Family Ties Tuesday's  (Entry Initiative)                Homeless Support Empowerment Circle;12 sessions  (adults only).                       

  • Bringing Back The Family Table                           Our Signature Initiative, we incorporate throughout everything we do. This initiative encompasses two initiatives (1) Food 4 Thought (2) Sit At My Table.    We set the scene and provide a family dining and bonding experience, that is built around bringing back the family table, with laughter, table talk, games, and more.  (NO phone zone and No electronics).                                                                                                       

Food 4 Thought Thursday's

   Is a 12 session, once-a-week family bonding initiative for adults only.


   Sit At My Table Dinners   

Is a once a month dining experience for single individuals and families.         


  • Therapy Prom Expo                                                Will provide participating kids, youth, teens, and young adults, living in shelters with free prom and graduation essentials, needed so that they can enjoy a worry-free prom experience.                                          

  • Hitting Hunger Hard 4 DC                         Homeless Unity Movement provides meals and needed essentials to those living on the streets.             

  • Workforce Development & Stipend                     Initiative                                                                  Earn while you learn is a workforce initiative that helps participating members maximize or earn income, and references needed to gain full-time employment, we are your reference.                                                                        

  • Kings & Queens United "Be Crowned" ​ Empowerment Clubs     

Empowering ourselves and each other, forming strong bonds through brother and sisterhood, always adjusting our crown, and walking in ROYALTY. Our clubs are age-appropriate groups for kids, youth, teens, young adults, and adults, ages range from 4yrs & up.

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Please Note: 

Our participating members and their privacy is our first priority, and they reserve the right to share what they choose or don't for the public to see.

If we have not served your shelter, or you are ready to begin your transition please contact is today!

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