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We welcome, volunteers, memberships, sponsorships, and donations. When volunteering with us you are investing in the lives of children, youth, teens, and parents, serving our community and enhancing lives, one child, one family at a time. 

Volunteers of all ages play an integral part in fulfilling the mission of Therapy 4 The Soul. 

They provide support, expertise, time, experience, ideas, and energy, enabling projects and tasks to be accomplished that would not be possible without the volunteers.

 Volunteers and staff work side by side and learn from each other the importance and value of working together, providing the necessary tools they need to help serve and better our communities.​

All volunteers must complete a volunteer application, adult volunteers are 26 yrs and older. Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian complete their application.

All volunteers will be expected to attend a volunteer orientation and will be able to earn community service hours.

For community service hours please bring a school or organization form with you when you submit your application.

All volunteers must wear their Therapy 4 The Soul ID and proper attire assigned, such as casual attire, 

T-shirts etc.

Kiddie, Youth, Teen, and Young Adults Volunteers

They will receive the best volunteer experience ever, as they are taught early leadership, discipline, experience, and respect all while giving back and having fun.

We offer a variety of positions to choose from

  • Servers (Formal) - Black Slacks, Black Belt, White Dress Shirts, Black Shoes, and Bow Ties or Ties (will be provided).

  • Servers (Casual) - Therapy T-shirts, Blue Jeans, Black shoes.

  • Chaperons - T-shirts will be provided.

  • Fundraising - A variety of events.

  • Kitchen Staff - Aprons will be provided.

  • Planners - Organization and public events.

  • Events Staff - Set up and clean up for events, initiatives, meetings, and more.

  • Office - Administrative Assistant.

Donate ​

Today do something different


Give And Give 

From The Heart 

Expecting Nothing In Return.

If you receive a donation flyer prior to making a donation, please inform

 us of the representative listed at the bottom of the flyer.

All Payments are safe and secure through PayPal.

Make sure you give us your email address and/ or mailing  address for your end of the year tax deduction. 

We appreciate your donation and support!

You just gave some

Therapy 4 The Soul





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Please Note: 

Our participating members and their privacy is our first priority, and they reserve the right to share what they choose or don't for the public to see.

If we have not served your shelter, or you are ready to begin your transition please contact is today!

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