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Kids, Youth, Teens & Young Adults

​Empowerment Club

Our Mission

To provide a safe, fun, friendly, family safe haven for kids, youth, teens, and young adults. To also assist parents in raising a successful outgoing child, by empowering them and providing the necessary tools kids, youth, teens, and young adults need, to become mature successful, independent young adults.

Giving them a platform to "Voice Their Truth, showcase their talent and independence, keeping them off the streets, violence-free, out of trouble, and maturing with age.

Our Vision​

To provide support for the child as they go through life, and its ups and downs, keeping them stress-free and off the streets.

Also Lending support to the parents and families and encouraging them to interact and stay connected through difficult times.

 About Us  

Our empowerment clubs will provide ongoing support for the life of a child and young adults ages 4-24 years old, living in shelters, foster care, group homes, and detention centers, including support when the child turns 18 and ages out of the system.

We will incorporate a variety of skills, learning tools, and fun to assist parents in raising a successful child.

"We believe it takes a village to raise a child''

Our Motto: Family is not just those you were born with, but also those you meet along the way.

Our "ROYALTY" Kings & Queens United Empowerment Club, is a safe zone for kids, youth, teens, and young adults to relate to each other.

They will be able to "Voice their Truth" giving them a positive outlet to express themselves.

Bringing back the family table, old fashion games, and fun (No electronics needed).

Listed below are initiatives for our empowerment clubs.

Groups, activities, and discussions will be formed age-appropriate.

  • "Voice Your Truth" - Participants will be able to voice their truth, with open discussions about various topics. This is a safe zone and a platform where they can be open, honest, and free to voice their truth in a positive and safe environment.

  • Life Skills & Relationship Building - Group discussions and activities, set and complete a short-term goal and set long-term goals, balancing school, homework, chores, and fun time. Complete a vision board, money management, credit, debit, savings, loans, budgeting, and coupons.

  • Maturing With Age - Group discussions, discipline, respect, leadership, anti-bullying, and peer pressure. Reinforcing the importance of loving yourself and others, guiding young ladies into Queens and young men into Kings. Keeping them focused, crowned, always walking in "ROYALTY" and maturing with age. Dress for success, Tie them ties, Sit up straight and cross your legs, Dating, Don't rush for S.E.X, and Prepare for puberty are just a few topics. There's so much more.

  • Bring Back The Family Table - Prepare and dining at the family table is significant, it's a time to bond over preparing a meal for ourselves and others, participants will learn and prepare dishes, appetizers, and more. This is a time for them to enjoy dining around the family table, table talk, and fun.                                                                             

  • New Kings & Queens "ROYALTY" INITIATION BALL - Where new members will                  "BE CROWNED"  as they are welcomed aboard and vowed to also walk in "ROYALTY" regardless of their circumstance.

  • "ROYALTY" Uniqu'e Events - Participants members will learn how to set the scene, social and table etiquette, learn to set, serve, and prepare. They will learn to maintain, sanitize, clean and keep a safe environment (NO PHONE ZONE). They will also have the opportunity to show their talent, dance, drama, singing, rapping, fashion, poetry, modeling, and more. Participating members will participate in public and fundraising events, displaying what they have learned from Maturing With Age and "ROYALTY" Uniqu'e Events. 

  • Giving Back - Participating members will start learning early the importance of giving back to their community. They will take the skills and techniques that they have learned from " ROYALTY" Uniqu'e Events, to serve the community and those in need. Participants will be able to earn community service hours.

  • Activities & Field Trips - Museums, Camping, Skating, Kick Ball, Double Dutch, Tournaments and so much more.

  • The Mind Of A Young Entrepreneurial in Training - Participants will be pushed to their creative limits and must be open-minded to create, market, and sell their products that might become the next best thing. They must be able to auction off their items at an auction showcase to their peers. Everyone is a winner and will be celebrated with a ceremony and a certificate of completion. Prizes will be given to the top 4 participants, and the 1st place winner will have the opportunity to make that item again and have it on display in our "ROYALTY" Uniqu'e Crafts & Events Boutique and website. Participating members will be able to register for the Entrepreneurial auction more than one time.

The purpose and opportunity for the initiative, The Mind Of A Young Entrepreneurial, will be used to challenge and empower participants, to push and step into their future with multiple goals and possibilities for greatness. 

Giving them the opportunity to create, design, invent or build something great.

Why buy it when you can create it? We inspire young entrepreneurs and potential business owners.   

  • Learn To Earn - Participating members will have the opportunity to learn how to fundraise and earn money.                                                                                                 

  • Annual (end of the year) "ROYALTY" Kings & Queens Red Carpet ROYALTY Fundraiser BALL- Members will host this event each year. Come out and walk the red carpet in ROYALTY and support the cause (attire info coming soon).                                   

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Expecting Nothing In Return.

If you receive a donation flyer prior to making a donation, please inform

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Please Note: 

Our participating members and their privacy is our first priority, and they reserve the right to share what they choose or don't for the public to see.

If we have not served your shelter, or you are ready to begin your transition please contact is today!

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