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Moving Through Motivation

Moving Through Motivation Mondays - is a motivational transition group, whose focus will be on transitioning their lives from what was, to what will be!!! The New Me.

Moving Through Motivation is a 3 year and 9-months initiative, this group will meet every Monday, it is designed to help individuals begin a new start. 

Moving Through Motivation has been broken down into 4 phases so that individuals will be able to complete at their own pace leaving NO one behind.

During Moving Through Motivation Monday's, all participating members must  

"Dress To Succeed with a reason to believe" in business casual attire

(NO jeans, NO tennis shoes, NO sweats). 

We will provide clothing assistance if needed.

Phase 1  - Let's Handle Business

24 sessions (6 months)

  • Life skills (decision making, open discussions, problem-solving, communication and more).

  • Review the first interview evaluation.

  • Employment coaching and attire.

  • Resume (complete or update).

  • Start working on a long-term goal.

  • Update evaluations  (2)

Phase 2- Rebuilding Time

48 Sessions (1 year)

  • Money Management budgeting, savings, investing, credit cards, debit, and checking accounts. Participants will be taught and encourage to use healthy spending habits.

  • Credit Repair - resolving credit issues becoming debt-free.

  • Money Match Me - Participants will open a savings account with our partnering bank, to assist them with saving with a purpose. The goal is for participants to save $3500 hundred dollars over the course of 2 years, and we will match it with $1500 hundred dollars, giving them a total of a $5,000 dollar fresh start. All participants must follow all guidelines in order to take the funds out of their account. These funds will be used to assist with their transition, such as housing, furniture, school, vehicle, etc.

Phase 3 - Let's P.U.S.H

48 Sessions (1 year)

  • Employment Search - Participants work with an employment coach, to assist participants with seeking employment. Participants will continue to work in the stipend initiative until they find employment.

Phase 4 - Stepping Stones 

60 Sessions (1year 3 months)

  • Housing Ready & Rehabilitation - Therapy 4 The Soul /Safe Haven, will partner with landlords, property managers, and realtors, to assist with temporary or permanent housing. We will encourage and reinforce the importance of living within your means, some participants will be encouraged to move into rooming houses or roommates as temporary living.

We are not affiliated with the DC Housing Authority. Our housing goal is to encourage individuals and families to not live above their means but to use stepping stones to complete goals.

We will assist individuals and families with the best housing options to accommodate them. 

We encourage and assist individuals to plan, save, and roommate, instead of relying on government housing and government funds alone. 

We know everyone does not qualify for government assistance and for those who do, we will encourage, assist, and work with them to use it as a temporary resource not permanent, and make goals to be able to maximize their income and potential. 

Roommate Housing

Therapy 4 The Soul/Safe Haven, has a structured roommate plan, we will be involved and guide participants through the whole process. We select those we think are compatible as roommates, meet with them separately and together. We help them with their monthly budgets, savings, monthly living evaluations, and more.

Advanced Options

Our revolving door and advance classes for participating members, who came through one of our initiatives and need an extra push or may have fallen behind. We are still here to assist them with getting back and keeping them on track. 

These classes are ongoing lifelong classes, once a participating member always a participating member. 

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Please Note: 

Our participating members and their privacy is our first priority, and they reserve the right to share what they choose or don't for the public to see.

If we have not served your shelter, or you are ready to begin your transition please contact is today!

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